How to accessorize a casual outfit – choose Carlette Jewellery

If you want to know how to accessorize a casual outfit, you've come to the right place. Carlette has the perfect jewellery that will give you the ultimate touch.

Jewellery is an integral part of any outfit because it can transform a simple outfit into an attractive one. You can wear the Carlette jewellery no matter the circumstances. You complete your outfit with the right jewellery. It doesn't have to be something extravagant. You can add a simple pair of earrings or a small necklace.

Let's make a recap of the essential jewellery rules :

  • Choose a focal point and keep everything subdued
  • You don't want to wear too many bracelets. Keep your other jewellery options simple.
  • Wearing a large necklace means that your earrings and bracelets should be small.
  • If you wear statement earrings, don't go for a statement necklace too

How to accessorize a casual outfit – tips for an everyday look

How to accessorize a casual outfit? Creating simple yet modern and outstanding outfits is simple with the right jewellery. When you accessorize an outfit, you need to consider the occasion.

Bad jewellery can make even the most simple outfit look unprofessional. If the right pieces are paired with your gorgeous cocktail dress, it can make you look unprofessional when you wear it to events.

It is essential to know how to accessorize. It is not worth spending the time to create an outfit that will impress everyone only to find the wrong jewellery ruining it. It's easy to learn how to accessorize.

Complete the neckline

You should pay close attention to how your necklaces look on tops and dresses. These two should complement each other but not overshadow one another.

A necklace that clashes with your neckline could ruin the whole look. It's better to follow the shape of your neckline than the jewellery and take inspiration from it.

Your neckline should be a minimum of a few inches higher than your necklace. Necklines with few details and features are best for longer necklaces. Your necklace's complexity will increase the amount of skin you have.

LE MAGNIFIQUE Necklace is the perfect choice to accessorize your outfit. It can be worn with a tank top and a slim or flare pair of jeans.

Colour coordination

When choosing jewellery to match your favourite outfits, colour coordination is critical.

You can use the colour wheel to determine if two or more colours are compatible.

Fashion doesn't allow you to mix and match warm tones with cool tones. Red dresses look best when paired with rose-gold or yellow-gold chains. You can pair it with yellow, orange, or red beaded jewellery. These outfits can be described as fiery.

Cool colours look best with silver charms and chains. These colours look great with blue and green stones and beads. Consider the colours that invoke a beachy vibe when choosing jewellery to match a green or blue blouse.

Choose your style

Your style can influence your jewellery. It can be easier to buy jewellery if you have a particular style. How do you define your style?

Do you prefer edgy clothes with lots of leather and black? Do you prefer to dress with clean lines and more polished pieces? You might prefer a relaxed style with boho styles, such as wearing lots of jeans and flowing tops.

It will make finding jewellery that matches your style more effortless if you can describe how you dress. For someone who prefers a more rugged look, layered necklaces with lots of metal and bold earrings may be the best choice. Classic pieces may be used for a more sophisticated look.

If you like to experiment with many styles, categorizing jewellery can still be helpful. There will be a few pieces you are familiar with that work well for your particular style. You'll know which pieces to grab even if you want to be a bit more adventurous and mix styles.

How to accessorize a casual outfit – go with Carlette

Now that you know how to accessorize a casual outfit, check out the Carlette jewellery online store to refresh your accessory. The Carlette mechanism was designed with the spirit of Swiss innovation, allowing you to replace the centrepieces or add them with further Carlettes. Combining the pieces can create unique pieces of jewellery. You need to start with a few essential pieces; then, a variety of Carlettes or "charms" can be changed or mixed with our patent screw system. Carlette Jewellery wanted to celebrate every woman's beauty, so we made exceptional jewellery that can be worn on many occasions.