Carlette at Jewelry Milano Week – a memorable experience

Carlette had the great pleasure of attending this edition of Milano Jewelry Week. It was a big event where many jewellery creators gathered to present their most remarkable and outstanding collections.

Carlette had the opportunity and great honour to be among fantastic jewellery creators. Lavinia Lazar, the founder of the Carlette brand, was genuinely grateful that she was part of the Milano Jewelry Week.

Being part of the Milano Jewelry Week was a big step for Carlette to gain more popularity and exposure to a larger audience. We are thankful for the opportunity to present our Carlette collections. We got to know what it means to be part of an exhibitor of an event on such a large scale. We appreciate and respect every jewellery creator's work at Milano Jewelry Week. We hope that soon, we will attend other events where we can expose our work to a larger public. – Lavinia Lazar, creator of Carlette Jewellery

Milano Jewelry Week – the most appreciated jewellery from Carlette

At Milano Jewelry Week, the Carlette brand felt its presence through all the accessories, but some pieces attracted everybody's attention.

La BELLE Bracelet was the star from Carlette's stand. A lot of visitors stopped and tried the bracelet. They were charmed by its design and the perfect craftsmanship of the bracelet. The ladies said this type of jewellery attracted them because of its modularity. The fact that you can change the charms and create something personalized and unique impressed them.

Also, the stars of Carlette were the IRRESISTIBLE Earrings and HEAVENLY Earrings. The elegance and simplicity of these two pieces of jewellery got women's attention, and they were captived by the mastery they were manufactured, the reliable materials, and the Swiss quality. Inspired by all women worldwide, The Irresistible earrings radiate the female being. It is glamorous, modern and stylish. And this is what women felt when they tried them. Just one piece of jewellery can change your entire outfit giving it the ultimate touch.

Carlette Jewellery – another step to international recognition

Carlette Jewellery had the pleasure of being part of the Milano Jewelry Week. It was an essential step to international recognition because the creators presented at the event were worldwide. Successful women from Nigeria, Dubai, the UK, Brazil, and Germany were there. They all showed their support and recognition by going over the stands creators from the event and even buying something.

Carlette Jewellery presented its modular jewellery at Milano Jewelry Week. This type of jewellery wants to offer the possibility to women to create different styles and combinations depending on what they wear. Combining the pieces can create unique pieces of jewellery. You need to start with a few essential elements; then, a variety of Carlettes or "charms" can be changed or mixed with our patent screw system. Carlette Jewellery wanted to celebrate every woman's beauty, so we made exceptional jewellery that can be worn on many occasions.