Lavinia Lazăr, the founder of Carlette Jewellery, ranked as one of the best jewellery designers by a Romanian publishing platform

The jewellery industry in Romania is blooming, and Lavinia Lazar is one of the jewellery designers who made herself noticed through her incredible work. She is a powerful woman who believed in her, leading to the birth of Carlette Jewellery.

Lavinia Lazar made her debut in this industry in force and showed her ability to do amazing things. She was ranked as one of the best jewellery designers by the Romanian publishing platform Valahia News.

Carlette Jewellery is a new jewellery brand that offers women different accessories like cute little earrings, long necklaces or stunning bracelets. All the accessories can be combined as you want because this is the magical thing about modular jewellery: you can create different patterns as you feel, depending on the event you attend.


Who is Lavinia Lazar? The founder behind Carlette Jewellery

Lavinia Lazar, a Romanian entrepreneur, designed and created the Carlette Jewellery company in Switzerland. The brand is a new concept in the Romanian jewellery market. Carlette Jewellery celebrates the sexuality of women while encouraging them to find their style and self-confidence.

The jewellery is designed to empower women, highlight their beauty, and express creativity. Because of the unique, creative design mechanism, the brand is gaining popularity worldwide.

Lavinia Lazar created a unique locking mechanism that was patented in Switzerland. This mechanism allows you to swap Carlette charms for unique jewellery. The same technique is used in necklaces and bracelets.

Even though Carlette was born and raised in Switzerland, its Romanian designer, Lavinia Lazar, made it an ideal fit for the Romanian market.

Carlette Jewellery has three collections ready for you ladies:

1. Feminine Collection – Carlette Jewellery presents you with accessories that will attract all eyes to you. The brightness and finesse of jewellery highlight the feminine part of you. The Feminine Collection can be worn everywhere, from work to a night out with the girls.

feminine collection
2. Glamour Collection – this collection was inspired by the powerful, attractive women who want to be in the centre of attention everywhere they enter. You might not think that a piece of jewellery is enough to grab the crowd's attention, but Carlette will make your outfit complete. You'll be the party star, and everyone will be watching you. The Stunning Blue Earrings will make you feel like the ocean with the waves, water and blue sky. You will look stunning, even if your hair is combed back.

3. The everyday collection is perfect for any occasion, at work or with friends. The Naturally Me Earrings will complete your look! You'll look stunning and shine throughout the day. These earrings represent all women in the world, their cheerful, optimistic, stylish, and social selves.

Carlette Jewellery is a brand with a lot of potentials. Lavinia Lazar wants to give women the perfect accessories to create fabulous outfits. All women are vital, beautiful, powerful, emotional, sensual and many other things. They can rule the world and make amazing things when they reach their maximum potential. Women love jewellery because they highlight their features.

Carlette Jewellery – wear it with confidence

Women like to be appreciated for their personality and appearance, and that's what Lavinia Lazar wants to give ladies: accessories to complete their outfits and boost their self-confidence.

Carlette Jewellery offers this new type of modular jewellery. You can create various styles and combinations based on your chosen style. You can make unique jewellery by combining the pieces. You will need to have a few pieces of essential jewellery. After that, you can add or subtract from our patent screw system. Carlette Jewellery was founded to celebrate women's beauty. We created exceptional jewellery that can be worn for many occasions.