Jewellery rules – how to wear statement accessories

Regarding accessories, there are some jewellery rules that a woman should respect to create perfect looks. Sometimes if you wear too much, you can look ridiculous. You need to know when to stop, especially since jewellery is a tricky subject to navigate. In today's article, we will discuss some jewellery protocols so you will learn how to handle these pieces with grace.

Jewellery rules – about jewellery etiquette

There are not some universal jewellery rules that you need to respect. Maybe someone doesn't prefer to combine certain metals and wants to wear the same bracelet daily. It depends on cultural norms and personal preferences. You can still follow some essential tips for wearing jewellery. These include avoiding too many pieces at once, paying attention to how expensive or flashy the jewellery is and caring for it properly, so it doesn't get damaged or tarnished. It is considered rude to wear provocative or offensive jewellery in public.

The right accessories can complete your look or enhance your best features.

There are many jewellery stores from which you can choose your accessories. Carlette is a new jewellery brand from Switzerland that is extending internationally. You can find here bracelets, earrings or necklaces perfect for any question.

Let's see how you have to wear jewellery, so you look unique and stylish.

Jewellery rules – when you know it's too much

Sometimes less is better. Don't exaggerate with accessories. It would be best if you had a central piece of jewellery like a statement necklace or pair of earrings. It is ok to have more types of accessories but don't overreact. Bold pieces should stand out. However, please don't wear them nearby. At the same time, it is better to wear one piece at a time (if you want to wear multiple statement pieces, avoid wearing them together) and try not to wear necklaces or earrings simultaneously.

Jewellery rules – everyday jewellery

It would be best if you respected some directions regarding jewellery rules for everyday wearing. Many jewellery pieces like your wedding band or your favourite wristwatch can be worn daily.

Carlette Jewellery presents you La Belle Bracelet that is perfect for everyday occasions. It is simple but classy, and the silver colour is easy to accessorize.

Also, a pair of earrings is suitable for regular events. Your earrings are often in sight of people talking to you. Finding earrings that frame your face and complement your hair colour and skin tone is essential.

A great tip for long hair is to choose a colour or metal finish that is more visible depending on the colour of your hair.

Jewellery rules – office jewellery

When choosing jewellery for work, the first rule is to choose subtle and straightforward pieces. You'll still be able to show off your individuality, even without all the glamour. It should not be distracting or offensive to your clients or colleagues. Also, don't wear jewellery that makes a lot of noise, suck as earrings with bells on them, because it is not good business etiquette. It is important to dress professionally when you are at work. You should not wear jewellery with cartoon characters or skulls even if you are a fan of these pieces.

A lovely pair of earrings are Heavenly earrings because it reflects the feminine being. They are delicate and beautiful but still have the power to make you feel confident and driven. All this can be achieved by being yourself and shining a little with the sun.

Jewellery rules – layer jewellery

Layering jewellery well is the most important rule. Mixing and matching jewelry can be fun. Balance and elegance can have an impact on how people perceive you.

If you plan to wear more than one necklace, mix and match short and long chains. Consider your neckline to ensure that the layer you choose flatters it. Pair your chunky bracelets with thinner ones to create a sense of balance and keep it looking beautiful.

Jewellery rules – wear Carlette every day!

Now that you know some jewellery rules, we recommend Carlette Jewellery for everyday occasions! The accessories found here will fit anybody, even the most demanding people.

The modular jewellery proposed by Carlette is a must-have for this summer, as you have the opportunity to create an original style by combining pieces that will never go out of style.

The Swiss brand Carlette launches on the Romanian market with modular, extravagant jewellery, which will remove you from anonymity through the various combinations you can put into practice.