Modular jewellery – the future of fashion

Modular jewellery is a type of jewellery that is made up of individual pieces that can be easily combined to create different looks. The idea behind modular jewellery comes from disassembling and reassembling objects.

Modular jewellery is usually made up of small pieces connected by a hinge or similar mechanisms. The parts are also often interchangeable, meaning that you can mix and match them to create new designs.

Carlette Jewellery offers you this innovative type of jewellery with which you can have different combinations and styles depending on your outfit. You can combine the pieces between them and realize unique pieces of jewellery. We created a few essential foundation pieces, followed by various Carlettes, or "charms," that can be switched or mixed using our patented screw system. Carlette Jewellery wants to highlight every woman's unique beauty, and for that, we created exceptional jewellery that a girl can wear on different occasions.

Modular jewellery – let your imagination fly

carlette modular jewellery

With modular jewellery, it's easier to create unique bracelets or necklaces. A few pieces can create many beautiful accessories that you can wear in your everyday life or even at a glamorous event. Fashion changes really fast, and you need to keep up with the latest trends. You can have a simple bracelet with just the base piece, or you can add some personality and add as many charms as you like.

These modular jewellery pieces may be clasped almost anywhere, allowing the wearer to create a one-of-a-kind, personalized design that can be modified or updated. You also become the designer through a simple three-step procedure, creating something that is a one-of-a-kind manifestation of personal taste.

If you decide to invest in traditional jewellery, think twice. If you decide to go with modular jewellery then you won't need to have so many accessories. You need to have the base piece and the bracelet or necklace, some charms, and then switch them between each other to create multi-wear pieces that will make you sparkle anytime. People will admire your incredible outfits completed with the right accessories.

Modular jewellery – redefine the jewellery space

carlette modular jewellery

Jewelry is a woman's best friend and helps the girls give an ultimate touch to their outfits. But what about modular jewellery? With this type of accessories, you can be always unique, and your inner style will come out. Women deserve to feel special and appreciated, and their singular beauty needs to be highlighted. Carlette jewellery has a special collection of charms that can be combined as you prefer. Your imagination has no limits. Jewellery has the power to make us feel complete even if we don't realize it. We grab a pair of earrings or a bracelet in a rush without realizing the impact they have on our outfits. A simple pair of jeans and a basic t-shirt can be easily improved with a long necklace that falls perfectly on your neckline. Just trust your instincts and be bold to try new things.

Modular jewellery – How does it work?

Carlette jewellery proposes to you this innovative concept, modular jewellery. In just three steps, you can have your unique and fantastic jewellery:
1. Pick your base - Choose a Carlette bracelet or one of our short and long necklaces in silver or rose gold. It comes with the mother pearl Carlette when you order it.
2. Design your JEWELLERY - The jewellery we wear is the personal touch that we add to our outfits. It's what makes us feel pretty and put together. Choose from our collection of Carlettes to design the jewellery that feels like you. Make it unique, just as special as you are!
3. Complete the look - Choose the Carlette earrings that match your other designed jewellery - don't be afraid to mix designs! Go for it and create your entire look with a necklace, bracelet, and earrings! If you like wearing more, stack them up!

Choose modular jewellery from the Carlette collection

carlette silver charm modular jewellery

Carlette has a fantastic collection that allows you to create modular jewellery. You can buy different charms and then combine them as you wish. The Naturally Me Carlette is a great option to keep it simple. You can add another charm to give a personal touch to your jewellery. Be sensual and feminine with our exceptional collections that will make every women fall in love with them.