How to Choose the Right Jewelry to Match Your Eye Color

Jewelry has been an essential accessory in any woman's life. Jewelry helps a woman feel attractive and special, whether as a means of self-expression or as an outfit piece. But did you ever consider that you may draw attention to your eyes by using the color of your jewelry? The most expressive feature of your face, your eyes, is sometimes called "the windows to your soul". Why not enhance your most beautiful feature with the help of the right jewelry?

In this article, we will discuss what type of jewelry matches your eye color.

What to look for when choosing the right jewelry to match your eye color

Jewelry placement

Jewelry closest to your face, like earrings and necklaces, is the best choice for enhancing your eye color. In other words, bracelets are not a proper item to complement or enhance your eyes. This is obvious: the distance between the hand and the eyes makes the jewelry almost unnoticeable. By the way, have you ever heard a man who's lost in your eyes appreciating your…bracelet? Right!

Size and color

The rule is simple when it comes to color: you should pick jewelry in tones that either accentuate or contrast with your eyes.

Regarding size, if you choose to wear big, statement earrings or necklaces, you should wear neutral-toned clothing and keep the makeup light. In this case, the jewelry's color intensity and size are enough to draw attention to your eyes. You can make your eyes pop even more if your jewelry color is less vivid than the color of your eyes.

What jewelry enhances best your eye color

Eye color is one of the first features people notice about you. It makes you more recognizable, but it also can make you more attractive. Complemented by exquisite makeup and jewelry, eye color is your asset to be more confident and charming.

Let's take a look at what jewelry enhances best your eye color.

Jewelry for brown-eyed girls

You're lucky if you have brown eyes, as this color matches well with almost every jewelry color. Although brown eyes come in a variety of shades ranging from light to dark mahogany hues, due to their dense pigmentation, brown-eyed persons are frequently mistaken for having green or hazel eyes! The right piece of jewelry will only make your brown eyes stand out even more.

Gold-toned and rose-gold earrings or necklaces are the best option for highlighting all these warm undertones.

Regarding gemstones, amethyst and jade stones are excellent choices for accentuating brown eyes.
It is important to note that overdoing it with the jewelry is unnecessary. One statement piece is enough to draw attention to your eye color, as wearing too many pieces at once can overpower your features.

Jewelry for blue eyed-girls

People have been mesmerized by blue eyes for centuries. They are regarded as both beautiful and cold in cultures throughout the world. 8–10% of people worldwide have blue eyes, which is uncommon.

For blue eyes, you can try jewelry with shades of purple or search for elements like an amethyst gemstone.
If your eyes have a deeper blue shade, then a silver and blue piece of jewelry can draw a lot of attention to your eyes.

The Stunning Blue Carlette can be the perfect match for enhancing deeper shades of blue eyes.

Jewelry for green-eyed girls

It is said that green eyes are the rarest eye color in the world; only 2% of the population has green eyes. Of course, this fact makes them very special!

Like brown eyes, green eyes are quite easy to match with a large variety of colors, but the ones who make an impact are silver and gold jewelry. You can choose the stunning Le Collier necklace to create a beautiful contrast with your green eyes.

Moreover, earrings with green or red small stones can remarkably affect green-eyed girls.

Every eye color is unique and beautiful, but choosing the right jewelry to enhance your eyes can elevate your look even more and draw everyone's attention! You can browse and buy the right jewelry for your eye color on Carlette Jewellery, where you will find an excellent selection of unique and quality pieces!

And don't forget our motto: Be Sensual. Be Unforgiven. Be You.