Celebrate International Women's Day with Carlette

Every year we celebrate International Women's Day on 8 March. It is a special day when we commemorate the outstanding achievements of every woman. It is a global holiday, and more than 19 countries honour women for equal rights. We embrace every woman, no matter their aspect, faith, race, ethnicity, gender or sexual identity, or disability. Women are beautiful and powerful in every way, and they can achieve everything they believe in themselves.

Women fought for their rights, and they remarked themselves in social, political, economic or cultural. International Women's Day is important because more than 100 years ago, women stepped out from the crowd. Their first march was about ending harmful workplace conditions, equal rights, equal pay, and an end to exploitation. Women wanted to be seen not just for their beauty but also for their intelligence. Women have a lot of qualities, but sometimes men think that they don't fit in some jobs.

A short history about International Women's Day

Fifteen thousand women marched in New York City in 1908 to protest against the backdrop of exploitation and poor working conditions.

The Socialist Party of America declared a National Women's Day in honour of the strikers. In 1910, it was globalised by the Socialist International, which voted for creating Women's Day. In 1911, the first International Women's Day took place. More than a million people attended rallies across Europe.

The 20th century International Women's Day was recognised and celebrated by the grassroots, who became a point of solidarity for social justice. It was not until 1975, International Women's Year, that the United Nations adopted International Women's Day. Every year on 8 March we celebrate International Women's Day.

Celebrate International Women's Day with Carlette Jewellery

Carlette Jewellery is brand jewellery created for celebrating the beauty, power, creativeness and intelligence of women. Here at Carlette, we want to show that every girl is exceptional and deserves to be cherished every day, not just on 8 March. Carlette is unique, playful but still sophisticated. We wish to deliver women the confidence they need to wear our outstanding jewellery pieces. When you wear Carlette, you deserve all the attention from the crown. All eyes will be on you, and your unique personality will make a killing in every circumstance. You need to believe in yourself.

Over the years, women have been seen as inferior to men in many ways. Even today, some men don't believe that women can be part of some industries, but it's clear they are wrong. We are now the leaders of countries where women used to be unable to vote. We are now the leaders of corporations; despite being restricted in where we could work. We have the rights that our grandmothers dreamed of in countries like Australia, but we don't have equality. The majority of women worldwide are not as close to that goal, however. Some women still struggle to have equal rights as men, but some things will never change because of politics or religion. It's hard to change a man's thinking, but women demonstrated that they are capable of great things over the years. But together, we are stronger. We have to prove to others that a woman's brain is unlimited in great ideas, and you can be her best friend or enemy. Women are wise and know when to take action. We are thriftier calmer than men, and we don't fool around to impose ourselves. Women have a more strategic mind and analyse the situation carefully before the act.

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