Carlette Story is Your Story

Behind Carlette stands a strong and ambitious woman who has a dream. On a flight home to Switzerland, she scribbled her idea on a piece of napkin, which is how and where the Carlette journey began. As a woman herself, she understands what it means to be one and especially what it means and feels like to wear jewellery. It makes us feel pretty, put together and ourselves. It’s our way to make an outfit our own. It is Carlette’s dream to create jewellery for young women on the path to their own dreams.

Our passion for jewellery and the desire to create something unique led to the shaping of our versatile jewellery collections. We designed a few simple base pieces and then a variety of Carlettes, the “charms”, which can be switched or combined with our very own screw mechanism. We see that a woman’s personality can change not only over time, but also during just one day. The jewellery we choose in the morning before starting our day might just be different than the jewellery we would like to wear in the evening for a party or afterwork drinks with the girls. Carlette makes it possible to make the jewellery work for any occasion, with just a little swich.

Our jewellery can make you feel unique, playful, and sophisticated. It can be whatever you need to be.

Carlette collections

Embracing all different female personalities, we created three collections representing a way you could feel or connect with. Our Feminine collection represents our power, confidence, drive and beauty. You can achieve anything; any goal, any dream! The Glamour collection speaks to those party goers! You can be different, glamourous, modern and cool. You can be the star of every party. Sparkle up and be glam! The Every Day collection has two sides to it. Firstly, we like to keep it simple sometimes. Make it work with any outfit and daily situations. It also represents our cheerful, optimistic, social and stylish selves. Pick a collection which works for you or mix and match them to design your own special personality.

Create your own story with Carlette

Every single one of us has their own story. We have our own friends, family, interests and careers. Jewellery represents the personal touch we add to our outfits in the morning before we leave the house. We might just run back into the house to grab those earrings we forgot before continuing the run for the bus! Jewellery makes us feel complete.

Sometimes we don’t realize what an important role jewellery has in our lives and how we feel. It’s just something so normal, that we don’t even think about it. We just automatically grab for it. Carlette sees that and it is our mission to let you design jewellery which works for you and jewellery which makes you feel who you are, just a little more.

Our jewellery has been designed for you and for all the special memories you will make with it. All the dreams you achieve and paths you take. Carlette jewellery is there for you whilst you create your own stories.