Wedding jewellery guide – how to look gorgeous on this special day

Here you have Carlette Wedding Jewellery Guide, a guide from which you will find how to look gorgeous on this special day.The wedding is a special day for every girl. You have a lot to do and you need to be prepared with a well-coordinated plan. On that day, the bride could quickly get all emotional because this special event is like a transition for her: from that moment, she will share every memory, laugh, any moment of sadness or happiness with her husband. Two people will become one soul, and the wedding will symbolize their vow. They will strengthen their bond, and for this special day, the bride has to look gorgeous.

Every bride’s dream is to have a sensational wedding with no mistakes. There is a lot to do when planning a wedding, from choosing the right venue to the wedding dress. But let’s not forget about the jewellery that will make the bride’s outfit. Maybe some women want to have a simple dress, nothing too fancy, but you need some earrings or a necklace to highlight the facial features. Carlette Jewellery is here for all the ladies who want to look amazing on their wedding day. We have something special for each of you, and no one will leave our site disappointed.

Wedding jewellery guide – the right pair of earrings for your wedding dress

wedding silver earrings

After hours of searching for the perfect wedding dress, you need to think about the right jewellery. So let’s start. First of all, let’s talk about earrings. If you are wearing a dress with a V-neck, you can wear a small pair of earrings like our Irresistible earrings. The irresistible earrings exude the feminine essence. It is opulent, contemporary, and fashionable. You can be all of these things and still take over a room. Make yourself the center of attention at the gathering! The cubic zirconia stones are placed in the stainless steel, rose gold plated item. Combine these enticing earrings with a Carlette necklace or bracelet to create your unique outfit.

We recommend you to wear platinum or silver with a white dress and gold with an ivory dress. Don’t forget that it is essential to match your accessories with your gawn. If you want a little Hollywood glam, you can go for a piece of sparkle jewellery but don’t exaggerate. Pick one piece of jewellery to focus on.
You can pull your hair off your face in a nice bun or tie up your hair with some curls to hang down your back. The earrings will be easy to remark.

Wedding jewellery guide – choose a beautiful necklace to match your dress

rosegold necklace for wedding

Carlette Jewellery puts at your disposal fabulous pieces of jewellery to compliment your wedding dress. When choosing a suitable necklace, you need to consider the neckline. If it’s a strapless, sweetheart neckline, LE COLLIER Necklace it’s your choice. It will highlight your décolleté. Consider wearing a choker or a shorter necklace to add height and draw attention to your smile. Preferably, it would help if you matched your earrings with your necklace. Also, we advise you to take neck measurements for very short chains so the fit is comfortable and the necklace falls correctly. If the skin is exposed, the necklace should sit on your skin, not the dress, regardless of the neckline. You deserve to feel beautiful on this particular occasion. Every woman is beautiful in their way. You need to highlight your unique characteristics. On your wedding day, you deserve all the attention from the crowd because it’s your magical moment.

The most important thing is that you don’t need to wear many statements pieces because that will distract from your dress. When you walk down the aisle, your dress is the piece de resistance.

Carlette Jewellery was created to underline the beauty of every woman. You need to embrace your feminity and love the way you are. You can achieve everything if you have confidence in yourself because nothing is impossible for a strong woman. On your wedding day, to deserve to be fabulous, and all eyes will be on you if you wear our awesome Carlette Jewellery. Be unique and chic with our outstanding collection!