Vacation jewellery – what you need to have in your luggage when you are going away

When it comes to vacation jewellery, there are some things to consider. Why do you plan a vacation? To relax, move away from work, stress, problems and have a good time with your friends or family? You want to escape from your reality and enjoy some quality time in a place where you've never been or somewhere familiar, and that brings you a lot of memory?

We travel for fun, to get in touch with new people, culture and civilization. A vacation is well-welcomed any time of the year. But according to our destination, we need to have enough clothes and accessories for the whole holiday and maybe something extra.

Going on holiday is the perfect time to bring out from the closet the best clothes create unique outfits. Accidents can happen, and you don't want to end up wearing the same outfit multiple times. After all, we want to feel memorable and remarkable in every moment and stand out from the crowd. Select pieces that may be worn separately as well as in combination. Women like to be at the centre of attention. We love compliments, and Carlette Jewellery has the best accessories to highlight your beauty for you. But let's see what you need to have in your luggage to have the perfect vacation.

Vacation jewellery – what accessories you need to have to create outstanding outfits

When we go on a vacation, women usually create the outfits they would wear every day from home. They want to have everything planned, especially the vacation jewellery. The accessories are essential for the final touch of an outfit. That's why women need to have in their luggage something to wear every day, something special for a night out and something unique that puts highlights their qualities. Let's see how Carlette Jewellery can help women look sensational on every vacation.

Vacation jewellery: earrings

It would be best if you packed at least a pair of earrings that goes with every item you have in your luggage. You could go for a small but nice touch pair of earrings. Carlette Jewellery has in its collection silver and rose gold earrings. If you are more prone to the silver colour, we recommend choosing the Simply you earrings. They will go with any outfit, and everyone will admire your ears. The stainless steel base is plated with rhodium, representing reliable materials and Swiss quality.

Vacation jewellery: a lovely necklace

If you plan a summer vacation, you need to have a colourful necklace. You can choose a hang loose necklace or a layered one. If you want to visit the town and see the most amazing places, you can create a casual outfit, and Le Magnifique Necklace is the right accessory to wear. Carlette Jewellery allows you to create unique looks: you pick your base, and then you choose the charms.

Vacation jewellery: don't forget a lovely bracelet

A bracelet is an excellent accessory to take on your vacation, especially since the sunny days are coming, and a bracelet will look amazing on your tanned arms. Carlette has for you a rose gold bracelet, La belle bracelet, that will work perfectly with any outfit, whether it is something casual or a night out in the beautiful city you've planned your vacation.

Vacation jewellery? Go with Carlette!

When it comes to vacation jewellery, the Swiss brand Carlette has the right accessories for you, from earrings, necklaces and bracelets to charms that can be added to your jewellery. You can create unique pieces of jewellery that will highlight your personality. It's better to avoid wearing jewellery if you're doing something physically demanding like swimming, ziplining, or hiking. Feel free to wear what you want on your vacation. A holiday is always greatly appreciated because you need to relax from time to time and take a break from work, worries and problems. The world won't stop if you give yourself a few days of relaxation.