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Mother's Day is a unique and important holiday when people worldwide celebrate their mothers. Every child has to appreciate their mothers every day, not just one day in a year. It is a moment to honour all the mothers worldwide because they deserve it. So many women fought for their children and made many sacrifices to have a bright future. On Mother's Day, we express our gratitude and give them symbolic gifts to show them how much we love them. The most influential women in our lives need to be cherished every day, and we thank them for everything they have done for us. Carlette Jewellery has perfect gifts to show them how important they are to you to make all the mothers feel special.

When do we celebrate Mother's Day?

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Mother's Day is a beautiful celebration and an essential date on the calendar. From we were little, we did little homemade birthday cards for our mothers, and we prepared for them a song or a poem to express our never-ending love. Over the year, we wanted to show our mothers how important they are to us, from delicious meals and thoughtful gifts to sentimental DIY Mother's Day cards.
At least 50 countries around the world celebrate Mother's Day, and some of them share the same date as the U.S. holiday (the second Sunday in May), including those in Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Fiji, Netherlands, New Zealand, Taiwan, and Venezuela. These countries share similar traditions to honour the mothers, but some countries uniquely do the things.

In the Middle Eastern countries, like Egypt, Iran, and Iraq, people celebrate Mother's Day every March 21, the spring equinox. Egyptians started the holiday to honour Isis; the goddess considered the ideal of motherhood. Egyptian children today write thank-you notes to their mothers and take care of all household chores on Mother's Day.

In Hungary, Mother's Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of May. Children prepare for their mothers' handmade gift cards and give them a bouquet of lilacs, the official flower of Mother's Day in this country.

In Russia, Mother's Day is on the last Sunday in November. But, compared to others countries, mothers are celebrated on International Women's Day (March 8), as happens in Romania. Children give flowers to their mothers and show gratitude to their maternal figures, such as grandmothers, mother-in-law, and aunts.

When did Mother's Day appear?

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We celebrate our mothers way back in history, but we didn't have an official date until 1914 when President Woodrow Wilson officially declared Mother's Day a national holiday. It all started with Anna Jarvis, who wanted to honour her mother's legacy. Her mother, Anne Jarvis, hosted clubs for moms in the 1850s to help mothers take care properly of their children to lower infant mortality. After Anna's mother passed away, she wanted to commemorate her work by organizing the first Mother's Day in 1908. But, Anna was disappointed by how things went because Mother's Day became commercialized by florists, greeting, and vendors. Anna called them schemers because they just wanted to take advantage and make some money from this holiday. On this beautiful day, Anna wanted to cherish her mother by giving back to charity, but the companies took advantage and tried as much as possible to make a profit from this holiday.

In ancient times, festivals honouring mothers were often linked to gods or goddesses. The Phrygians celebrated Cybele (the Great Mother of Gods). The mother figure of their gods was also honoured by the Romans and Greeks. Durga Puja, an important Indian festival, still honours Durga.

People would often return to their homes or "mother" churches once a year in the middle of Lent during the Middle Ages. Children would often leave school at ten years old to work back then. Historians believe that the tradition of children being allowed to visit their family and mother each day was due to the return to the "mother church."

This celebration was called "Mothering Sunday" in 16th-century England. Children, mainly daughters who worked as domestic servants, were given the day off to go home to their mothers or parish. The "mothering cake" would be brought by the eldest child or son. It would then be cut and shared with all family members. Family reunions were the norm, with daughters and sons taking over all household chores and cooking a special meal in memory of their mother. The mother would also attend special church services during the day with her family.

Mother's Day – celebrate with Carlette

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