How to wear rose gold jewellery

If you are a fan of rose gold jewellery but you do not know how to wear rose gold jewellery, then you've come to the right place! Carlette Jewellery offers you beautiful rose gold-plated jewellery that will make a killing. You will be the star of the event, and you will get everyone's attention.

Be sensual and feminine and follow the urge to be sensational every day. Rose gold jewellery adds a feminine touch to your jewellery collection. Although it is slightly less expensive than gold jewellery, the results are equally beautiful. Rose gold has been a trending choice in jewellery for many decades and will continue to be so for many years. Rose gold is the perfect shade for adding some fashion to your outfit, whether you're looking for a gorgeous bracelet or a striking necklace. If you don't know how to style it, we will give you the best advice on this matter. We will help you get the best out of your new rose gold jewellery.

Rose gold jewellery goes with neutral-coloured outfits

How to wear rose gold jewellery
Rose gold jewellery is the perfect choice for neutral-coloured outfits. If you like to wear hushed tones, these accessories will highlight your natural look. This jewellery gives a refreshing change in your wardrobe, perfect for every occasion. Rose gold jewellery's warm, pinkish tone matches white, cream, nude, and brown clothes well, providing brightness and intensity that precisely fits the colour. Rose gold jewellery looks stunning when worn with black clothing, with the strong contrast between the two colours providing a lovely, captivating effect. A rose gold jewellery will look great on almost all skin tones and brings out the blush tones.

Rose gold jewellery can be combined with different metals

How to wear rose gold jewellery
Most of us don't want to mix different metals because we think it's not a good idea. But this was in the past when it was a big NO in the fashion industry. But things changed, evolved and nowadays mixing metals is considered a top fashion trend and everyone seems to enjoy the concept. You can still have your single rose-gold jewellery but consider combining it with different metals.

Be unforgiven and stand out from the crowd creating gorgeous outfits. The right jewellery can be the missing piece from your look that will make you look like a star. The wonderful thing about rose gold jewellery is that it suits both silver and gold, softening and feminizing them. Don't be scared to mix rose gold with your gold or silver jewellery.

You can also add some stones

How to wear rose gold jewellery
Rose gold can be used with almost any gemstone because it is versatile. Rose gold is excellent for pink gemstones, but it can also be used with turquoise gemstones. You can make a statement with a bold addition of black gemstones to rose gold.

Rose Gold is a symbol of love, romance and affection. Its pink hue connotes romance, love hearts and flowers. It is also a sign of femininity, particularly its similarity to pink.

Rose gold can mean many things to different people. However, rose gold is often associated with love and romance. This is an excellent choice of jewellery for romantic occasions while also showing your sophistication to your partner.

How to wear rose gold jewellery - Layering rose gold jewellery

How to wear rose gold jewellery
A new trend loved by people that gained popularity is layering. You can easily create a chic and contemporary outfit. Rose gold necklaces can be purchased already layered, or single chains can be bought and layered as desired. The most popular choices are double and triple layer necklaces, but you can also choose to have four or more. The more chains you have, the more dramatic your look will be. Layering is best for casual wear or workwear. Layer as many layers as you like!

Carlette jewellery prepared for you LE MAGNIFIQUE Necklace to double-layered it. The natural mother pearl is embedded in the stainless steel, rose gold plated jewellery, representing reliable materials and Swiss quality. The Carlette mechanism was designed with the spirit of Swiss innovation, allowing you to replace the centrepieces or add to them with further Carlettes. Make it yours with your design.

Rose gold adds a glow to your skin, and it is a warm colour as yellow cold. So next time you buy jewellery instead of the traditional yellow gold, choose rose gold plated pieces because they are affordable and, as you can see, matches everything!