How to clean your rhodium plated jewellery

Rhodium-plated jewellery is a highly valued item. It is usually used in wedding rings and engagement rings. This layer makes the metal harder, more durable and corrosion-resistant. Rhodium is a platinum family strong and durable valuable metal. Rhodium plating (electroplating) is used to preserve the underlying metal from scratching and tarnishing, give the jewellery a glossy look, and make it more durable.

Rhodium plating is a process that improves the appearance of silver or other metals. It is done by spraying a thin layer of Rhodium on top of the object. The process increases its shine, lustre, and strength while making it more resistant to corrosion.

How to clean Rhodium plated jewellery

How to clean your rhodium plated jewellery

The most common method for cleaning rhodium plated jewellery is to use a mild detergent or soap solution and a soft cloth to remove tarnish from the surface of the metal.

Before you start cleaning your sterling silver jewellery rhodium-plated, let's talk about the cleaning products that you should not use on them.

• Harsh chemicals
• Anything abrasive
• Toothbrushes or toothpaste
• Polishing cloths to polish silver or gold

Never use harsh chemicals on jewellery that is sterling silver or rhodium-plated. Rhodium is resistant to scratches, but you don't want the plating to be damaged by using the wrong materials.

Steps to follow when you clean your Rhodium plated jewellery:

How to clean your rhodium plated jewellery

1. Fill a bowl with 1 cup warm water and add 1/3 cup mild detergent to the bowl. Add some water at room temperature to a second bowl. One bowl will be used to wash your jewellery, and the other to rinse it.

2. Place your rhodium-plated sterling silver jewellery in the washbowl. Allow it to soak for 10 minutes to get rid of any dirt or grime.

3. Next, rub the jewellery gently with your fingers. You should not use a toothbrush or any abrasive material to clean the jewellery. Your fingers won't be affected by rust because Rhodium isn't tarnished. You should not leave your jewellery in a detergent mixture for more than 15 minutes. Consider using a timer to help you time the cleaning process.

4. Transfer your jewellery to the rinsing dish. Rinse the jewellery in the water. You can refill the bowl with water as often as you like, but make sure to use room temperature water. This step is crucial because it removes all soap residue. A good indicator is whether the water you use to rinse is soapy or clear. To avoid damaging the jewellery's plating, be gentle.

5. You can place your jewellery on a towel or microfiber cloth. Use a soft towel, or a microfiber cloth, to put your jewellery. Pat the jewellery until it dries with a soft cloth. Keep in mind that friction causes the plating of Rhodium to wear off.

So, be gentle with the jewellery. If necessary, let the jewellery dry overnight. It is better to let the jewellery air dry than rub too hard and cause damage to the plating. It's a good idea to wash the jewellery a few days before you wear it for special occasions, not rush to dry it.

Rhodium plating is one of the most durable and luxurious finishes for jewellery. It is a process that involves immersing the metal in a solution of Rhodium and sulfuric acid.

The process makes it possible for jewellery to be less prone to tarnish. However, it also makes it difficult to clean, resulting in damage if not done correctly.

Let's go over the proper cleaning instructions for Rhodium plated jewellery:


How to clean your rhodium plated jewellery

- Never use chemicals like ammonia or bleach on this type of jewellery;
- Instead, use a soft toothbrush with mild soap;
- Rinse the piece with water and dry off with a soft cloth;
- Avoid wearing your pieces while until they are fully dry;

If you tend to keep all your jewellery in one place, then other pieces may scratch your rhodium-plated pieces. Wrap each piece of rhodium jewellery individually in tissue paper before putting it back in its box. This will prevent your jewellery from rubbing against one another and chipping or cracking.

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