How to wear a silver chain with style

A silver chain is perfect for every girl to complete her look. You don't have to put so much effort into looking glamorous. It would be best if you had some statement jewellery to mix and match your outfit. You can look fantastic and effortless. A silver chain is a must-have piece of jewellery that will help you look stunning.
For a girl, the aspect is crucial. Even if she doesn't have such a good day, she doesn't want to reflect that through her clothing. That's why a girl will always try to look confident and assertive despite her true feelings. A woman or a girl is capable of amazing things, and a perfect look will give her the confidence she needs to overcome obstacles.
Carlette jewellery is an innovative new brand of jewellery that wants to give girls pieces of jewellery that they can wear wherever they want. Carlette Jewellery is a new type of jewellery that allows you to create different styles and combinations depending on your outfit. Combining the pieces can create unique pieces of jewellery. There are a few essential pieces that you need to start, and then there are a variety of Carlettes or "charms" that can be changed or mixed with our patent screw system. Carlette Jewellery aims to celebrate every woman's beauty and has created unique jewellery that can be worn on different occasions. The modular jewellery is becoming a trend in the jewellery world, and the fantastic thing about this type of jewellery is that you can create different looks with just some individual pieces.
Let's talk about the silver chains and how to combine them to create stunning looks.

Silver chain – tips to mix and match with your favourite outfit

A silver chain is an essential piece of jewellery that is perfect for different outfits.
Carlette Jewellery has for you some helpful tips on how to wear the silver chains:

Should I wear gold and silver jewellery together?

The most significant fashion myth is not to mix metals. Fashionistas used to say that you could never wear silver and gold jewellery together.
But fashion has changed, and you can make it your own. Mixing gold and silver jewellery allows you to create a unique look.

You can add colour to your look by wearing both silver and gold pieces together.
It would be best if you remembered that while it is tempting to wear silver or gold to enhance your style, some metal combinations can be too overwhelming. Therefore, it is essential to be extra cautious when mixing silver and gold jewellery.

Can you wear a pendant made of gold and a chain made of silver?

You can wear silver and gold jewellery together. But there are rules. Mixing silver and gold can sometimes be dangerous.

Choose your silver chain according to your outfit

When you plan to go out, you should firstly choose your outfit. Then, you will select the jewellery to mix and match based on your clothes. You can easily mix and match different colours by choosing your outfits before you start shopping.
You can easily mix and match different colours by choosing your outfits before you start shopping.
It is crucial first to set the tone for your outfit. This will allow you to make jewellery selections easier.
For example, a high neckline top or dress won't look good with a long necklace. A plunge neck dress, on the other hand, would look great with the gold pendant and silver chain. A black canvas makes jewellery pop, especially silver. Although neutral colours can sometimes wash out silver pieces, a black turtleneck will bring out the shine and colour of sterling silver better than any other option. This is a great look for casual days at work or dinner.

How to wear silver in the summer

White can be worn with silver jewellery all year. It is both a summer and winter colour. We need to understand what colour goes with silver.
Avoid pastel colours like lilacs, pale pinks, and light greens. They don't mesh well together, and silver tends to lose visibility in a cloud of paler shades.
It is possible to clash colours if the colour is too intense.
Silver jewellery looks excellent in calm tones, such as soft peaches, ice pinks and vanilla yellows. These colours are a mix of 'bright' and pastels.'

Silver chain – check the Carlette collection

Carlette Jewellery has an extraordinary collection of silver chains that will fit perfectly with any outfit. You will make an impression with the long necklace that works excellently with basic clothes, a crop top or a turtleneck. You can wear it every day, in any circumstances.
Be bold and confident and wear whatever you want because you make your own rules.

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