Carlette Jewellery at COSMOWORLD Bucharest 2022

Carlette Jewellery, the innovative Swiss brand of modular jewellery, was among the sponsors of the event dedicated beauty professionals, COSMOWORLD, which took place between May 6 and 8 in Bucharest.

COSMOWORD is one of the 360 ​​° leading platforms for business and the beauty industry. At the exhibition in Bucharest, visitors enjoyed the various sectors: Cosmetics, Spa, Hair, Makeup, Nails, Wellness, Technology and Education. COSMOWORLD is an event that aims to take beauty industry professionals to the next level, giving them the knowledge, they need to evolve.

Carlette Jewellery is a Swiss brand that brings innovation and sensuality to all ladies who want to feel special. With Carlette, you will attract all eyes and fall in love with the plug and play patented mechanism that allows you to design unique combinations.

By wearing Carlette, you choose to be unique and special every day because you deserve it. Carlette jewellery is suitable for all women. Through the various charms, which you can combine, you can get multiple accessories that will give you the grace you need to stand out in any circumstance.

Carlette Jewellery and beauty ambassadors

Miss Universe and Carlette


Carlette Jewellery, one of the sponsors present at the COSMETICWORLD event, had the pleasure of offering a jewellery set to Carmina Cotfas, Miss Universe Romania 2021. Her wonderful personality and captivating beauty attracted all eyes at the event.


Mirela Vescan and Miss Universe


Also, Mirela Vescan, the famous make-up artist in Romania, tried our jewellery and found it interesting. The two ladies talked about beauty and how all women deserve to be appreciated for their unique way of being, sensuality, courage and beauty.


Carlette Jewellery supports and promotes the provocative beauty of all women


Carlette Collections



Carlette Jewellery, through their motto, Be sensual. Be unforgiven. Be you, promotes strong women capable of great things if they trust their strength. The role of jewellery is to give women the chance to be different and create unique outfits.

“Jewellery has always been a purchase based on feelings, but customers are more eager than ever to express themselves, adding a personal touch to their style. When people no longer feel comfortable with themselves, they are looking for something to remind them of who they really are. That’s when Carlette plays its best role: completing women and help them feel more secure. Or, even better, help them better define their mood and enhance their projections to the outside world” - Lavinia Lazăr, CEO of Carlette Jewellery.

The modular jewellery proposed by Carlette is a must-have for this summer, as you have the opportunity to create an original style by combining pieces that will never go out of style.

The Swiss brand Carlette launches on the Romanian market with modular, extravagant jewellery, which will take you out of anonymity through the various combinations you can put into practice.