How to Match Your Jewelry with Your Face Shape

In a previous blog post we have discussed how to match jewelry with your eye color and with your outfit, but in this article we will share all the tips on how to match your jewelry with your face shape.

Are you often wondering how to match your jewelry with you face shape? When purchasing jewelry, there are numerous factors to take into account, including your style, skin tone, and hairstyle. 

 You may choose jewelry that accentuates and balances your characteristics, makes u feel beautiful and confident, and flatters your individual facial shape by understanding how different styles can work with them. Let's look at a thorough, step-by-step manual that can help you decide which jewelry is ideal for you!

How to match your jewelry with your face shape- what to look for?

When matching your jewelry with your face shape, there are no strict rules, but the following are a few steps to follow if you want to enhance your features while wearing eye-catching pieces of jewelry:


Identify your face shape

The first and most important part of determining what to wear in order to match your face features, is to identify your face shape. 

There are six different facial shapes. Try to recognize yours in the image by locating the area of your face that is the broadest. There are also three types of jaw lines that are equally crucial to know something about when choosing your jewelry: Usually, square or rectangular faces have a square jaw line. A rounded jaw line is typical of oval and round face types. A jaw line that is more angular, as seen in faces with triangular and diamond shapes. 

Do you recognize your face shape in the picture above? Try to select the one that looks closest to yours.


Choose jewelry to match your face shape

Now that you have established your face shape, we can move on to the process of choosing the right jewelry to bring your features to life and enhance them. 

The most important piece of advice when selecting jewelry for your face shape is to keep it away from the area of your face that is the largest. to create a balanced appearance. Also, you must choose the style you want to adopt. To create a romantic style, for instance, wear studs or up-to-the-ear earrings placed closer to your eyes. To create a sensual look, wear long drop earrings that draw attention to your neck and lips.


Triangular and diamond face shape

The forehead is the broadest part of a triangle or diamond face, so you need some elements to balance out the lower part of your face. Your chin is sharp and your jaw line is straight, so you need to add some round shapes to enhance your features. 


- wear small earrings that are close to your eyes for a more sensual effect

Our Heavenly earrings are the best choice for drawing attention to your delicate features, without being too distracting.


- you can also wear long drop earrings which will draw more attention to your neck

- choose round shapes, that are easy to match with your face features and skin color

- opt for a shorter necklace if you have a diamond face shape, as it will balance out your jawline. A great example for this is the mesmerizing Le Collier necklace, which you can find both in silver and rose gold.


- try to avoid earrings that go past your jawline, as this kind of model takes away from your beautiful and delicate features


Round and oval face shape

You are fortunate if you have an oval face shape because most jewelry models will look good on you. You can experiment with various lengths and kinds of bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. The main thing to keep in mind is to avoid anything too lengthy or too short. 

A suitable option for you can be our Naturally Me earrings, as they are very subtle but at the same they bring out the best of your oval face. 

On the other hand, if you have a round face shape, then you should wear jewelry that elongates it. Your facial shape will be enhanced with long drop earrings, angular shapes, and geometric patterns. Hoop or round earrings should be avoided since they will accentuate your face's roundness.

You should also avoid necklaces that are at the base of the neck if you have a rounder face.


Square or rectangular face shape

On a square or rectangular face, the cheek line or the base of the face are where the width is greatest. In contrast to the other face types we discussed previously, you want to shift the weight in this case away from the largest part of your face and more in the direction of your eyes and ears.

Choose jewelry that softens your angular features. Your can soften your jawline with hoops or circular studs, and delicate necklaces can bring softer lines to your jawline. 

Round shaped earrings, such as the Reflection earrings can bring out your best face features giving their soft lines and simple design.


To conclude, we hope that our tips on how to match your jewelry with your face shape were useful in finding the right unique pieces.

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